We have been on the market since 1990

Tranz-Tel is a rapidly growing company, managed in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, which has been designing and implementing highly advanced systems for many industries for over 30 years. In addition, we are an experienced integrator in the field of telecommunication solutions, building automation and renewable energy resources.


We specialize in the implementation and integration of complex installations and systems:

  • digital wireless communication,
  • data transmission and visualization,
  •  personnel and equipment tracking,
  •  automation and sampling, especially for mineral processing plants,
  •  electrical installations and low-voltage networks of intelligent buildings as well as industrial and public facilities
  •  telecommunication solutions, including communication systems used in emergency situations

In addition, we provide services for the mining and heavy industry in the field of:

  •  flotation automation,
  •  automation of heavy liquid enrichment systems,
  •  flocculant preparation and dosing systems,
  •  sale and assembly of measuring devices and sensors,
  • carrying out comprehensive modernizations of industrial control rooms,
  •  building video walls.

For the implementation of our proprietary solutions, and in accordance with the implemented ISO quality management system, we design and manufacture specialized devices that meet the requirements of safety and quality standards (explosion-proof construction, hygiene):

  •  intrinsically safe power supplies,
  •  intrinsically safe data transmission and underground radio transmission devices,
  • intrinsically safe transmitters for personnel and equipment tracking,
  • laboratory torque measuring units.

As a representative for Poland of internationally renown manufacturers we offer:

  • Steinfurth analytical and measuring systems for the food & beverage industry,
  • Conflow intrinsically safe valves and filters,
  • Conflow Spa industrial valves,
  •  Hytera professional radiocommunication equipment.

ISO 9001:2015

Already in 1996, as one of the first companies in the Silesia region, we underwent certification in the field of quality management system according to ISO standards.

At present, the scope of the certification includes:

  • design, production, assembly and service of electronics, automation and industrial mechanical engineering for mining as well as services in this field,
  • design, production, assembly and service of teletechnical systems, networks and installations,
  • sale of products and goods.


Meeting our customers’ needs through comprehensive implementation of projects

Continuous development of delivered devices and technologies

Care for the development and satisfaction of our employees


Our long-standing clients include:

  • state and local government administration bodies,
  • general investment contractors,
  • power and heat generating facilities,
  • hard coal, lignite and mineral mining plants,
  • food & beverage industry plants.