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Automotive industry

Digital radio communication and indoor positioning systems for automotive industry.

The need to maintain production continuity in large-scale industrial buildings as well as to provide site protection, require efficient communication tools, independent of external service providers, such as GSM operators.

The digital radio communication systems included in our offer (DMR, TETRA, NexEdge) ensure immediate communication with technical teams safeguarding production continuity and between the security personnel of industrial buildings.

Moreover, these systems offer a number of additional features which increase safety and operational efficiency.

These include lone worker, man down, monitoring of a radio through remote activation of listening mode and more.

An additional integration of the radio system with our proprietary solution called Trace-SYS allows both positioning in an open area (GPS) and positioning inside buildings of employees equipped with hand-held radios, as well as visualization of their location in the monitoring application.

With this, it is possible to significantly reduce the response time in the event of a technical failure or security breach.

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