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Communication systems

Radio communication solutions

The digital radio communication systems we offer together with the dispatcher application include a complete set of dispatcher functions, such as voice calls, GPS location services, message functions and call recording. The application solution can be connected parallelly with various radio communication systems (TETRA, DMR, MPT). In this way, all activities related to connections, GPS services or messages are integrated in a one user interface.

The dispatcher application connects users of various radio communication systems. Serving as the logic gate, the application solution is able to connect group and individual users of different systems into common voice connections and text messages.

Selected functions of our radio communication systems include:

  • integration of dispatcher functions, speech recording, SDS messages, GPS, surveillance cameras and logic gate services in a central application,
  • integration of TETRA, DMR (conventional and trunking), analog radio communication systems (MPT1327), subscriber exchanges (PABX) and public switched telephone network (PSTN),
  • combining voice calls or messaging between different radio communication technologies through a software logic gate,
  • support for command center positions thanks to the operation of multiple displays,
  • flexible integration of network applications thanks to additional plug-ins with the browser function, for example for big data applications,
  • wired or wireless connection to radio communication systems,
  • full possibilities of customer service thanks to individually designed scopes of responsibility and functionality of each customer’s system.

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