Construction – low voltage systems and much more

As an experienced service provider, we specialize in the execution of comprehensive electrical and telecommunication installations, automation and  fire detection systems. Our competences include, among others, the provision of complete automation engineering and measurement engineering installations, BMS, voice alarm systems (VAS), fire alarm and detection systems (SAP), CCTV, IDS and access control installations in newly constructed as well as modernized facilities.

In addition, we offer a number of solutions aimed at increasing the efficiency and safety of work in the construction industry. These include portable and stationary digital radio communication systems (DMR, TETRA, NexEdge), outdoor and indoor positioning of employees (Trace-SYS), as well as effective coverage of radio signal “blind spots” – Guard-SYS (communication on floors and underground parking lots to provide a communication platform for emergency services: ambulance, police, fire brigade).

Construction investments also involves the use of heavy equipment – massive construction vehicles and machinery. Our offer includes solutions from an internationally renowned company Preco Electronics – a supplier of radar and video warning systems for machine and vehicle operators.

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