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Critical communications

While mobile broadband communication systems operate on the basis of the infrastructure provided by teleoperators and mobile service operators, communication systems used in crisis situations are independent of them, adding a particular value to selected users. Critical communications is often defined as the ability to provide means of communication in situations where conventional networks fail to work. This happens often during mass events, when a large number of mobile users simultaneously try to use a given network, which, as a consequence, is not able to handle increased traffic and is overloaded.

Another example are areas affected by natural disasters or events that threaten public safety which lead to overloading of mobile networks, depriving emergency services of means of communication.

Communication systems used in crisis situations are also important for oil and gas industry plants, coast guards, transport industry and other services responsible for public safety.

Our many years of experience in the broadly understood telecommunication industry allow us to freely design and implement digital radio communication systems tailored to individual needs of each client and meeting the criteria of independent systems for crisis applications. Our offer includes complete, flexible, integrated communication systems, both mobile and ensuring coverage of large areas with a range of reliable communication.

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