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  2. Integration in the field of telecommunication solutions

Integration in the field of telecommunication solutions

Broadly understood communication and data transmission are the basis and a key element of almost every business activity. Our proposal in the field of integration of telecommunication solutions includes the supply of customized, professional digital radio communication systems and the expansion of their functionality through integration with landline telephony systems (PABX), mobile systems (GSM) as well as with industrial intercom solutions. The communication systems we offer are flexible both in terms of their size – from portable to systems covering large industrial plants, cities and municipalities – as well as their functionality.

The basic communication system can be additionally integrated with our proprietary Trace-SYS indoor positioning system, offering visualization of the location of radio users. This feature is of crucial importance when working in a hazardous environment (security protection of industrial buildings, halls and warehouses, prisons) and where fast response is required in the event of an accident, failure, etc.

Installation and commissioning of any digital radio communication system and its integration with selected communication and data transmission systems are always preceded by propagation tests. In case of environments with limited propagation of radio waves, where communication may be interrupted, we use various technologies to provide radio signal coverage in such locations (converters, amplifiers, radiating cable).

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