Tranz-Tel – a leader in proprietary intrinsically safe solutions for communication, tracking and logistics of materials for mining plants.

The mining industry is an industry with which we have been associated since the beginning of our company – it’s been already three decades! Initially, we provided services related to the maintenance and inspection of mining dispatching and communication systems. With time, in response to the demand of mining plants for the modernization and development of already used solutions, we began to design and implement our own devices to establish a R&D department after a few years, which to this day designs and modernizes our own technologically and structurally advanced systems. All solutions meet the stringent requirements of safety regulations applicable to mining and the provisions of the ATEX directive in the field of explosion-proof construction.

The most important systems include:


A digital radio communication system based on leaky feeder cable, which successfully works in ten plus mining plants in the country and abroad,


An innovative underground material logistics system enabling tracking and location of materials from the warehouse on the surface to the place of unloading under the ground.


The first personnel and vehicle tracking system successfully implemented in Polish mining; also implemented outside the country


System for transmission, visualization and control of technological processes, which currently has the status of a basic dispatching system in the field of binary signal transmission in most mining plants in Poland

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