SEPP is a system supporting the process of using measuring devices from the moment they are commissioned until they are withdrawn from use. It also saves full event history for each device. After equipping the handout stand with a barcode scanner, the SEPP system will register the event of handing out multiple devices just in seconds. Before handout, it will also check that formal and technical requirements for handing out a measuring device have been met.

SEPP is an excellent alternative to logging calibration results in a paper book. After the calibration procedure, all you have to do is scan the barcode of the device, the system will automatically recognize the device, the number of sensors and the types of gases. Then it will select the appropriate gas cylinder and enter its current concentration. The system will record the values indicated by the device and the name of the employee performing the test. If the results do not meet the set standards, it will not be possible to use a given measuring device. SEPP will optimize the hand out procedure, indicating which devices will have to undergo a new calibration procedure in the coming days due to the fact that they have not been used for a predefined period of time. You can easily check currently released devices that are under repair or validation. The system will show the history of devices downloaded by a selected employee and even the department.

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