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Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources – energy revolution

Global trends in getting away from fossil fuels and getting back to renewable energy are accompanied by a dynamic development of renewable energy sources, which contribute to saving natural resources as well as improving the environment. As a company present on the advanced technologies market for 30 years, we want to accompany our current and potential clients in reaching for measurable benefits from using renewable energy sources and harnessing Nature itself to ensure sustainable development. We offer our clients, both individual and business, comprehensive services – from design, through assembly, commissioning and mutual integration of renewable energy solutions, which include:





PV installations – free energy in your home and company

Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity. The PV installation is connected to the existing electrical network.

The energy produced can be used for current needs, stored or resold.

The use of PV technology has measurable benefits, including:

  • free electricity from solar energy,
  • reduction of CO2 emissions (emission-free system),
  • PV installation lifetime up to 35 years,
  • maintenance-free installations,
  • power balance – energy production takes place during the day, i.e. when it is most needed,
  • energy independence,
  • versatility – photovoltaic panels can be mounted practically anywhere,
  • increasing the value of real estate
  • investment in the future.

Auxiliary technologies

Additional benefits associated with the use of renewable energy sources can be obtained thanks to the synergy of electricity generating photovoltaic installations and supporting technologies. If you aim high or want to increase your energy independence in time, we can offer you the installation and an integration of the following solutions: solar panels, heat pumps, fuel cells (energy banks), wall boxes, PV charging stations and others.

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