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Tracking and positioning systems

Tracking and positioning systems

In our offer for personnel tracking and positioning systems, there are the following proprietary solutions available:

ARGUS – a professional and comprehensive system for tracking and positioning personnel and materials. ARGUS is an intrinsically safe system – equipped with a diagnostic system with the function of visualization and control in the central control room. More about the ARGUS system

KAJTO – an underground material logistics system for managing the transport of materials on the surface and in the underground part of the mining plant. It uses battery tags (transponders) installed on carts and the infrastructure enabling data transmission to service stations. More about the KAJTO system

MCA-1000digi+ – an integrated system of digital radio communication, tracking of personnel and transport means for the mining industry and other confined space environments. More about the MCA-1000digi + system

TRACE-SYS – an indoor positioning system based on DMR digital radio communication, which finds application in the protection of facilities, halls and warehouses, prisons and wherever – along with reliable radio communication – also knowledge about the current location of a hand-held radio user is required . More about the TRACE-SYS system

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